Monsoon is very closely connected in India and has its influence on the lifestyle of Indian households immensely. Monsoon brings lots of freshness and lush vibrant greenery all around in India. Here in Monsoon restaurant, we make sure to bring that freshness and lush greenery all on your plate. Every dish will bring the joys of monsoon and makes you brim with happiness. Monsoon connects with many festivals in India that brings the family together. And no festival is complete in India without specially curated dishes associated with every occasion. This also highlights the rich culture and integrity of the Indian lifestyle. Monsoon is the season that brings happiness and hope in the household of the farmers as this is the time many crops are harvested. Rain is considered to be the source of prosperity, happiness, and hope in India. Needless to say that festivals are undoubtedly connected with the arrival of rains in entire India. Here in Monsoon restaurant, all the special festivals associated with the Monsoon season in India are celebrated and specially themed food is available during those festivals. Here once you step inside the Monsoon, you are bound to feel a part of lush green and vibrant rain-soaked India which is bound to bring you immense joy while you enjoy our special themed dishes. With the music of raindrops and the smell of mud-soaked monsoon rain, we assure you that you will enjoy every part of our monsoon special Indian food.

Our Natural Products

We make sure to use all-natural ingredients are fresh and local in all of our dishes. Spices are an integral part of Indian cuisine. Monsoon food brings lots of aroma from our range of spices that is cumin, coriander, red chilies, turmeric, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, etc. these spices also have health benefits. The fascinating fact is that in India every State has its specialized staple cuisine and each is predominantly unique. The remarkable among them are Kashmiri cuisine, Punjabi cuisine, Mughlai cuisine, Bengali cuisine, Southern cuisine, and so on. Be it Butter Chicken or Chicken Tandoor, be it North Indian Mughlai or Punjabi Tadka, roti, or naan bread or various curries offered in East and South India, the deliciousness that they offer is invincible. If you’re a patronizer of Indian food and sometimes explore its delight, it is easy for you to make out if the food is prepared fresh. The freshness and bloom of the ingredients can make a world difference in its delicacy and fondness. North Indian food can be distinguished by its use of spices, incessant use of dairy products, the tandoor oven, Tawa griddle, and wheat-based essence. Bread items such as Naan are baked by Tandoor ovens, whereas Tawa griddles are ideal or making roti (resembles a flat round crepe). Indian cuisine has been evolved through various refinements and traditions that came and went in a long span of more than 5000 years. The heavy taste of spices and added ingredients like various vegetables, lentils make the Indian food menu more vivid and peerless. The preparation is colorful and aromatic that makes it way more attractive and mouth-watering with the right amount of spices added. Each dish smells of cumin, cloves, ginger, saffron, and nutmeg.

Cooking Process

Nutrients did explain there is a certain connection between the dropped down temperatures of monsoon and the need for high calorie in our body. Make your monsoon food healthier and vigorous by adding the spices approved as an immunity booster. Such boosters like coriander, turmeric, cloves, pepper, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, and curry leave not only satisfies tour tongue but also soothes your stomach. These spices help in digestion and possess anti-bacterial properties as well. For us, Monsoon, as a restaurant not only shares the natural taste but also provides its luxury. Space not only aligns with their culinary impression but also dignifies the dining experience. Sometimes the architecture, the natural objects that we select for the embellishment become the ambassador of the naturalness of the food it caters. As our eyes are elated to see the natural objects around us, likewise our appetite also gratifies to enjoy the food prepared with natural ingredients. Get into the monsoon mood. Celebrate your appetite with the monsoon.

From the Chef

Being the head chef at the Monsoon and with over 15 years of rich experience, cooking is not only a career option for me but always an emotion that is etched forever in my heart. Here in the monsoon restaurant, we not only serve monsoon themed Indian cuisine but also look after the customized requirements of our customers. Since India is known for their various culture and cuisine, we at Monsoon has tried our best to give the feel of monsoon drenched India exclusively through our food. We are happy to present to you the best of Indian cuisine from all parts that let us feel the Petrichor in our mind. From North Indian Samosa’s to Southern style Dosa’s, you will find everything of India on your platter. You name it and its there on your plate. The best part of our cooking is we use fresh local produce and give an Indian touch to it. Indian cuisine is always renowned for its spices and all of our spices are brought from India keeping its aroma and zing to the best. Being brought up in India, food always holds a special place in my life, and special occasions meant for exclusive cooking which brought the entire family together. My love for food has developed from a very young age while watching my mother cooking for the family and that’s how slowly I have learned cooking from her. Monsoons in India brings many festivals and here in Monsoon restaurant, we made sure to keep the trend of celebrating festivals during monsoon and provide a rich plethora of dishes on your platter.